Forest Stroll 2019

On Sunday 20th October the District Grand Prefect, R.W. Bro. Peter Talbot headed his first social gathering since taking office in March.

This being the culmination of the Districts efforts by Cheshire & North Wales brethren to generously contribute to our regalia fund, with the purchase of District Grand Officers collarettes being the first priority.

Peter Talbot  was accompanied by Mrs Susan Talbot, Geoff and Lynne Lloyd, Steve and Kath Tilston, Phil and Siobhán Edwards, Ian Perkin, Diane Poole, Chris Wharmby, Stephen Faiclough, Andy Lockhart, Geoff. Roberts, and Dylan the spaniel dog.

This four and half hour “stroll” was much enjoyed by all in attendance and the thanks to the organisers Ian Perkin and Steve Tilston being well deserved.

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